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2012 Travel: Au Bon Manger (Reims)

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L’Epicerie Au Bon Manger (Reims, France)

L’Epiciereie au Bon Manger should be every food and wine lover’s first stop in Reims. This small shop –no bigger than San Francisco’s Tartine bakery– has a jaw dropping display of cured meats and cheeses, shelves stocked with artisanal spices and foods stuffs, and a stellar grower Champagne selection. Georges Laval? Yup. Benoit Lahaye? You got it. Marie Courtin, Pasqual Doquet, Emmanuel Brochet? Yes, yes, and yes. David Léclapart? Ran into him at Au Bon Manger the night after polishing off a bottle of his L’Apostrophe.

Aline and Eric, the dynamic and personable husband-wife team behind Au Bon Manger, are nothing short of inspirational. They left Paris four years ago and changed career paths to lauch this little slice of heaven. They hand select every item in the store, can tell you the story of each of the producers, and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that made this little place feel like a Champenoise version of Cheers.

My stomach is grumbling as I write this post and picture all the great food I hade during my multiple visits to Au Bon Manger:  sea urchin caviar, pork rilletes, some lovely smoked salmon, and heaps of fresh and flavorful cheeses.  I remember the sheer look of joy on an Aussie friend’s face when a well appointed plate of charcuterie arrived at the table. I remember lingering in the store during a torrential rainstorm, chatting with Aline about her favorite wines.  And I remember the silence that fell over the table as we sipped on a bottle of David Léclapart’s mind blowing Champagne.  Whether you pick up a bottle and some fixins for a picnic, or stop in to open a bottle of wine with some snacks, you won’t forget your visit to Au Bon Manger.

L’Epicerie au Bon Manger
7 rue Courmeaux, Reims, France
+33 3 26 03 45 29

More on Au Bon Manger:

  • Peter Liem:  “The Epicerie au Bon Manger is a welcome and badly needed addition to the Champenois gastronomic landscape….”
  • Le Fooding:  “…le haut de la bulle en champagne!”

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