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2012 Travel: How to open a Magnum of Champagne Tarlant

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I like big bottles and I cannot lie.  / You other brothers can’t deny  / That when a mag walks in with a biggy biggy waist and a round thing in your face, you get ….

Well we all know the rest of these lyrics, so I’ll put an end to my ode to Sir Mix-A-Lot

I was reminded how much fun large format bottles can be when I (with the help of 4 friends) polished off a 1.8L bottle of sake at Namu Gajii.  Also didn’t hurt that the food at Namu is amazing (definitely get the stone pot, the ramyun, and burger).

That night brought back memories of my time in Champagne.  In this slideshow, Melanie Tarlant (of Champagne Tarlant) and Anne-Victoire Jocteur Monrozier (proprietress of “Miss Vicky Wine“)  demonstrate how to open a magnum of Champagne Tarlant Zero Brut Nature.

Gregoire Japiot, founder of Silicon Terroir, wisely steps in in the last few frames, to lend a helping hand.


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