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Trademark Law & Product Design


[W]ineries need to consider trademark issues in every facet of product design:  brand name, logo design, and packaging. 

Palate Press published an article I wrote re the impact of Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc. v. Diageo North America, Inc.on product design in the wine industry.

Click on the picture below for the full article.


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2 thoughts on “Trademark Law & Product Design

  1. Bonjour John,
    Bravo pour ton blog! merci pour ta gentillesse et à très bientôt autour d’une bonne table pour un partage culinaire et champagne.
    aline et Eric
    Epicerie Au Bon Manger.

    • Aline et Eric —
      Merci a vous por votre hospitalité! It was such a pleasure to meet you both, and be able to spend some time in your lovely epicerie. I do hope to see you both again soon, either in Reims, Paris, or San Francisco!

      A bientôt!

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