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Subway Stocking Stuffer: Metro Wine Map


See below for a 20% discount code for SF Wine Blog readers

Architectural historian and Bay Area denizen David Gissen has designed an informative, fun, and modern map of France’s wine regions, the result of a sabbatical project that he embarked on about a year ago. In an effort to learn more about wine, David assumed the Twitter handle @100AOCS and started systematically tasting wines from different regions in France. Finding that most wine maps were too literal, he decided to sketch out a map based on the London subway system.

“My feeling was that you could explain some very basic geographical ideas and principles about French wine if you used a visual language that was relational and condensed. To me, that means the language of the subway map. If you know the history of the Tube map, you know that this method of drawing abstracted London, and abandoned certain kinds of complexities of geography, in order to express more simple ideas about how stations were positioned in relation to each other and how different places within the system were interconnected.”  (quote is from an interview in The Atlantic)

David and I met online via Twitter about a year ago, exchanged thoughts on wines, and eventually met up at a Burgundy tasting at Solano Cellars. We have since been caught drinking together at Arlequin and The Punchdown with a roving band of other wine dorks. A few months back, David sent his first draft of the map over Twitter, and many of his followers raved about it, retweeted it, and it quickly caught they eye of a map publisher. The rest, as they say, is history.

The map has since gained a lot of attention. In addition to the piece in The Atlantic, Jancis Robinson expressed her love for the map, and Food and Wine Magazine selected it as a prime holiday gift for wine lovers (December 2011 issue, available on newsstands).

David and the wine’s publisher, Delong Wines, have kindly agreed to extend a 20% discount to SF Wine Blog readers. Simply enter the term “vouvray” at checkout on the delongwine.com website.  NOTE – Discount code is valid for ten days from the date this post is published!

UPDATE – The publisher is now offering a 25% Discount. To get 25% OFF any item (including our new Metro Wine Map of France), just enter elevage (all lower case) in the coupon code box at checkout. The sale ends Monday, Dec 12th. http://www.icontact-archive.com/nBuMaHY0Fv5BpB-wdMnf41tSHFutYeR7?w=1

Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Subway Stocking Stuffer: Metro Wine Map

  1. They did a French one too ( http://www.delongwine.com/metro-france-wine-map.php?PARTNER=No ), though Champagne seems strangely empty?!

    • Hey Tom – yes, they’ve done a CA and France metro map. I have them both hanging in my apartment. But I agree — there could be a little more detail re Champagne. Hope you had a good weekend!

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