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Wine Events: Week of June 20


So much to discuss, and so little time! I’m sorry for not providing a full recap of a wine soaked trip to New York, but promise to do so soon. Let me just throw one wine pairing suggestion out there for you (a highlight from my east coast swing): aged Riesling & Pork Belly. BOOM! It’s like a party going on in your mouth and the whole world is invited: Acid, fat, flavor, sweet. I got my fix last week at momofuku ssäm bar, stumbling distance from my old apartment on 10th Street between 1st and A.

Hate to cut this short, but I’m running out the door to catch some burgers & Balkan wines from Blue Danube Wine. The event is taking place at Bistro SF Grill on California & Divisidero tonight. $10 / 5 wines. Say hi to my friend Eric while there, and pester him for stories about Teatro ZinZanni.


Wed., June 22: Summer of Riesling @ Heart Wine (Mission)

Heart Wine Bar
1270 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA

The Summer of Riesling is upon us! A few years back, Paul Grieco from New York’s Terroir Wine Bar dedicated himself to spreading the gospel of Riesling — a high acid wine that had become much maligned in consumer circles for being “too sweet.” Now Summer of Riesling has become an annual event, highlighting the diversity and complexity of the varietal. Join the crew at Heart Wine as they open up Riesling from Germany, Austria, Alsace, Australia, New Zealand, New York, Tasmania, and some other places, too.

ALSO – Litquake is putting on an event that same night from 6-8pm, featuring works by authors Seth Harwood and Anne Marino.


Thurs., June 23: Ridge Vineyards Tasting at Arlequin (Hayes Valley)

Arlequin Wine Merchants
384 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA

6:00pm – 8:00pm – $15

Paul Draper of Ridge Vineyards is one of the most revered winemakers in California. For over forty years, Ridge has produced high quality Cabernet and Chardonnay from their Monte Bello properties in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and Zinfandel from multiple locations in California. Save yourself some gas money and head over to Arlequin this Thursday for a Ridge tasting.


Thurs., June 23: Paolo Bea Flight @ Solano Cellars (East Bay)

Solano Cellars
1580 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA

“Bea! BEA!” [To be read out loud, in your best Marlon Brando impersonation (Streetcar, not Godfather)]

Now THIS is a tasting you absolutely should not miss! “Love” is not a strong enough word for my feeling towards the Paolo Bea wines. These are unbelievably expressive, unique, and structured wines that will leave you wanting more. But don’t just take this lowly blogger’s word for it. Here’s what The Wine Advocate has to say about this producer:

Giampiero Bea is one of Umbria’s leading producers. The wines are made in a totally natural, non-interventionalist style, with no temperature control in fermentation, only natural yeasts and no added sulfites. At their best, these are wonderfully pure, expressive wines loaded with character. Because Bea lets nature runs its course, the wines are highly vintage sensitive. In great years the wines are typically fabulous (…) there is no mistaking that when Bea has ideal conditions to work with his wines are stellar.”

Solano Cellars is pouring a broad selection of Bea wines, and as an added bonus, SC is having a sale on 2005 Bea wines if you buy multiple bottles – details here.


Fri., June 24: Spanish Wine Night @ Solano Cellars (East Bay)

Solano Cellars
1580 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA

Details TBD

Oh, those cheeky folks at Solano Cellars. They sent out the following tweet yesterday: “FRIDAY: We’re launching a flight of aged Rioja that will be accompanied by jamon and manchego. 1st 10 ppl get 1972 vina valoria added, free!” What a tease! I’ll provide more details when available.

UPDATE – the event runs from 5pm-9pm (drop-in tasting) and is $20 per person.


Sat., June 25: French Burgundy Tasting @ K&L Wine. (SoMa)

K&L Wine
638 4th Street
San Francisco, CA

12:00pm – 3:00pm – $20

K&L”s Burgundy buyer, Keith Wollenberg, will hand pick a selection of red and white Burgundy to taste, including new releases and cellar selections.


Sat., June 25: Pink Party @ Solano Cellars (East Bay)

Solano Cellars
1580 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – $20 (tix here)

A full selection of rosés from around the world, selected by the good folks at Solano Cellars. Now that sounds like a worthy way to spend a summer weekend. And here’s an added bonus: people wearing pink will get a $5 credit towards the rosé of their choice (one side note: the event organizers have stated that this is limited to people “wearing pink outer garments,” so save the pink boxers for another occasion).


2 thoughts on “Wine Events: Week of June 20

  1. I would definitely appreciate a download of the nyc wine scene when you have a chance.
    You missed a great tasting at Arlequin last week. A bunch of northern spanish wines brought in by Jose Pastor – mencia and godello from bierzo and ribeira sacra.

    • Hey Andy –

      I have a return trip scheduled to NYC for the weekend of July 8, and will do a full write up after that! I heard about the Jose Pasto tasting, and have been meaning to check out some Bierzo wines. Any favorites / tasting notes from the event?

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