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Jura-stic, Bombastic: Next Tuesday at The Punchdown

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Jura Tasting
Tuesday, May 10 starting at 7:30pm

the punchdown
franklin square
2212 broadway (Next door to Daniel Patterson’s Plum Restaurant)
oakland, ca 94612

BART  Directions:  Take BART to 19th Street /Oakland Station (a 0.2mile walk to The Punchdown)

There’s been a fantastic response to next Tuesday’s Jura tasting at The Punchdown.  In fact, we sold out within the first few days.  But lucky for you, there have been a couple spots open up!  Hop on the bus, Gus — RSVP to sfwineblog.events@gmail.com and join the party.  The current guest list is a fun mix of enthusiast and industry types, all looking to get their funk on.  

If you’re wondering why I’m geeking out about these wines, watch this interview of Joe Campanale of NYC’s Anfora, dell’anima, and L’Artusi (around 5:07).

“I love Jura wines.  What’s really unique about it is that the whites are pretty big, intense, lots of minerality, a little bit of oxidative notes.  And the reds are very delicate.  It’s one of the few areas in the world where you’ll actually probably drink the reds before, and then the whites will be the main showcase, your entree wine.

I love it.  You know, what excites me most about a wine is when you taste it, and it can only come from a specific place, or it brings you right back to one place.  When you have wines from the Jura…there is nothing else like it.  You taste it, and you’re like, ‘That has to be Jura.'”


One thought on “Jura-stic, Bombastic: Next Tuesday at The Punchdown

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