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A Natural Wine Documentary to Celebrate Earth Day

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California has become a hotbed of natural winemaking. This “movement” (for the lack of a better term) is not limited to the vineyards and the cellars — consumers also seem to be catching on, as demonstrated by the popularity of wine bars and retail outposts that exclusively serve natural wines.

Natural wine in California is now the subject of a new film from Canadian brothers Martin and Matt Carel:  “Wine From Here.” The Carel brothers have interviewed an impressive list of winemakers and professionals for the film: Ted Lemon (Littorai (and James Beard Foundation Award finalist)); Josh Jensen (Calera); Steve Edmunds (Edmunds St. John); Hank Beckmeyer (La Clarine Farms), and Kevin Kelley (The NPA / LIOCO) to name a few.  San Francisco’s natural wine crowd is also well represented — both Ian Becker (Arlequin Wine Merchants) and Dagan Minestero (Terroir) are  featured in the film.

Earlier this week, Martin & Matt released a trailer for their movie, which you can see by going to this link.

I had a chance to meet Martin while he was on location in San Francisco, and got a sneak peak at the trailer a few months ago.  He has put a lot of time,  effort, and thought into this project.  I hope you’ll take the time to watch the trailer, and if you like what you see, support him by hitting the “like” button on the “Wine From Here” Facebook Page and helping spread the word about this movie.

Happy Earth Day!


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