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Countdown to ZAP!

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By Derek Mims

That’s right, the annual Zinfandel Festival–ZAP–starts on Thursday!  And some of our lucky readers will be winning FREE tickets to some of the featured events!  As John mentioned previously, our contest ends at 12:01a.m. on Tuesday, January 25, so be sure to sign up to receive email updates and/or post your favorite wine moment story before then.

In preparation for this weekend, you might want to check out our previous post about how to navigate these things!  And here’s my favorite factoid from the ZAP website FAQ about the Grand Tasting on Saturday:

Q:  Will there be food?

A:  Yes.  When you enter, you will receive your own loaf of bread.

In other words, the event will be all that AND a loaf of bread.

PS – NOTE FROM JOHN – If you’re at the grand tasting on Saturday, you can follow my notes on the event via Twitter @sfwineblog. You are also likely to find me tasting the goods at the following winery tables:


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