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Wine.com’s Berkeley Store: $20 and Under Challenge


Most wine fans have heard of Wine.com — the largest online wine retailer (by total revenue).  But not everyone knows that thy have a local retail outlet in Berkeley. I stopped by a few weeks ago, and was happily surprised to find not only a friendly and knowledgeable staff, but also an interesting and well-laid out selection of wines.  [Photo album here].

The best thing about the store is that it provides extensive tasting notes for each wine on display, including the ratings received from Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Robert Parker, and Steven Tanzer.  As a consumer, this makes you feel in control of your purchase decision  (i.e., you now can pick wines based on actual information, instead of relying on the prettiest label).

The prices were reasonable, and in fact, a lot of higher-end wines were extensively marked down.  And you can check the prices before going to the store by simply logging onto Wine.com.  [HINT – Wine.com actually allows you to sort their wines by the %-saved compared to suggested retail price].  And if you trust wine ratings, Wine.com’s store has a section dedicated to 90+ point wines for under $20.

So if you live in the Bay Area, and have been shying away from ordering online fearing the cost or problems that may arise from shipping, stop by the Berkeley store.  You’ll be glad you did.

Wine.com Berkeley Retail  Store
2220 4th Street, Berkeley, CA

Below are a few of the under-$20 bottles I picked up.

Dom. le Couroulu Vacqueyras 2007 2007 Domaine le Couroulu Vacqueyras (Rhone Red Blend) $19.99

Ch. de Segries Lirac Cuvee Reserve 2007 2007 Chateau de Segries Lirac Cuvee Reserve (Rhone Red Blend) $16.99

Dr. Loosen Dr. L Estate Qba 2008 2008 Dr. Loosen Dr. L Estate Qba (German Riesling) $11.99

Arcadian Westerly Vineyard Syrah 2004 2004 Arcadian Westerly Vineyard Syrah (Central Coast, CA) $19.99

Achaval Ferrer Mendoza Malbec 20082008 Achaval Ferrer Mendoza Malbec (Argentina) $19.99


3 thoughts on “Wine.com’s Berkeley Store: $20 and Under Challenge

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  2. Thanks for the post! I actually ran the store for its first year. It’s good to have the website at your “fingertips” as you could say.

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