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K&L “Best Seller” List: Makin’ life easy

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K&L Wine Merchants

A while ago, I expressed my delight in discovering that K&L Wine Merchants not only carries some hard-to-find, special occasion wines, but also has a great under-$20 wine selection.  (Click here for the story).  As I gear up to host friends for the holidays, I wanted to pick up a few extra bottles, and was wondering how I would go about finding some new and interesting wines.

Someone must have read my mind, because the next day I received this handy email:  a list of K&L’s “best sellers.”   K&L 11-18-2009 Repeat Purchase List

Ever just buy one bottle of wine, and then–after tasting it–you run back to the store to buy a couple more of the same? Turns out K&L keeps tabs on these repeat purchases, and has compiled a list of wines that 20 or more customers have come back to buy.  And even better:  there are a ton of great bargains, including many wines in the $10-$15 bottle range.  And, as always, K&L has compiled the professional reviews, along with their own comments about each wine, making it easy to find something (or in my case, many things) that would be great additions to you wine rack.

Only thing that would make this easier would be a spreadsheet so you could sort by region, varietal, or price.  But given all this great info, its hard to really complain!


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