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Wine Events: Week of Sept. 27

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Two great events this week for those of you in SF.

JC Cellars Wine Pairing Dinner

Tuesday, Sept. 29 @ Bin 38 (The Marina)

Yes, I know. I’m partial to their wines.  Sue me.  But for $45, you get five courses, and a wine pairing, plus get to enjoy the company of the always-entertaining winemaker, Jeff Cohn. Pretty good deal, no? (BTW – before you click on the Bin38 link, turn down the volume on your computer, unless you want your co-workers to think you’re opening up a euro dance club in your office).


Rajat Parr / Parr Selection Tasting

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 4:30 – 7:30pm @ Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants (Financial District)

Raj is the Wine Director for star chef Michael Mina’s restaurant empire.  He’s put together one of the most fun and exciting lists of wines by the glass at RN74 (one of the best new restaurants in the city), and now has his own wine label, Parr Selection.  They’ll be pouring his Chardonnay, two of his Pinots, and a Syrah.  Don’t miss out on the chance to exchange notes with one of the country’s preeminent wine directors.


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